Cloud computing

The term cloud computing indicates a set of technologies through which data can be acquired, stored, and processed using hardware and software resources placed in the internet.

By exploiting cloud computing technology, users connected to a cloud provider can perform all these jobs through a simple internet browser. They can, for instance, use remote software not installed on their pc and save the data on the provider system.

Cloud platform

RunBooking designed an advanced cloud-based platform allowing you to obtain very high level and easy to use services.

This flexible platform is provided with exceptional scalability in order to satisfy your company needs even in case they should change due to the seasonal nature of your business, to a particular event or simply because your internet notoriety grows very fast.

RunBooking uses Rackspace hosting services, being it the main worldwide hosting operator, and ensures reliability without equal at competitive price.

Your multimedia content, photographs and videos, very important to describe your services, will be always available and distributed all over the world through the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN).

This way, your content will be copied in hundreds of servers all over the world, close to your clients, reducing download times and with a general improvement in the performance from 200% to 500%.

Performance and advanced technologies

RunBooking improves performance, abilities and reliability using the most advanced ICT now available on the market providing elevated availability and web performance.

RunBooking is a scalable platform which guarantees the necessary performances for a future growth of the system, without having to replace pre-existing systems and applications.