Internet Marketing (SEM)

The Web and Internet Marketing activity involves the internet websites promotion by incresing their visibility on search engines research pages (SERPs).

The paid search marketing, or pay-per-click (PPC), is the most popular form of Internet Marketing and it implies choosing specific key words and preparing ads which are published only when a user searches the key words previously chosen. The cost is not connected to the number of times that the ads are published but it is proportional to the number of times that a user clicks on the ad.

The concept is easy but the daily management of even only one campaign is complex and requires specific skills.

RunBooking professionals make available their long-time experience allowing to optimize the campaign costs, increase the market shares and increase the diffusion of the brand with easily quantifiable and verifiable results.

Successful campaigns

RunBooking Web and Internet Marketing campaigns success is based on the performance obtained by our clients. Our budget management and key word auctions strategies are focused on maximizing the return of the advertising investments.

In many cases, due to the success of our campaign, we were able to reduce the client’s budget or we have remarkably improved the results with the same budget.

For each PPC campaign you will receive detailed reports on the analysis of the key words used and on the marketing performance of every single ad and most of all a complete analysis on how the campaign created new sales, bookings, contacts and quotes.