Websites and tourism portals

Tourism portals and websites generating significant traffic and receiving many visits every day may have a new source of revenue: one of the most appreciated services by internet users is, in fact, the possibility to reserve online a journey, a tour, a holiday, an excursion.

RunBooking allows distributors to receive, by XML web services or iframe, a large selection of tourism content, and to provide visitors with a great list of hotels, restaurants, excursions, marinas receiving a commission for each booking completed through their portal.

Rich and detailed content

Content provided by RunBooking includes very detailed information on hotels, hotel rooms, tours and special offers, restaurants and marinas, is translated in different languages and supplied with beautiful images. Tourism portals can therefore immediately increase their visits and their web presence and gain further benefits from booking commissions.

More advanced portals, through the XML web services interface, can build extremely tailored pages and prepare sales offers exclusively addressed to their audience.