Extranet and Web management

Sometimes even the content management on a website or on a single extranet can be complicated and hard-working. For example, descriptions of the services offered need to be translated in more languages, pictures need to be selected and converted. The website has to be updated with the latest offers and promotions and it has to be checked to ensure that it is perfectly functioning and that it reflects your marketing policy.

Tariff control and web presence

When you are under pressure because the tourist season has started and there are too many activities to coordinate, it can be complicated to check availabilities in detail and in real time, to avoid overbookings, to change rates, or to quickly modify a service description (i.e. the SPA is temporarily out of order for maintenance).

Also, there are your customers’ opinions on social networks or specialized websites (e.g. TripAdvisor) that need to be analyzed and often require answers and immediate coordinated actions.

Always by your side

The RunBooking Extranet and Web Management service allows you to be assisted in managing your online presence by the RunBooking skilled and multingual staff. Our team will always be available by email or telephone to insert a new rate, make sure that your tariffs are in line with those of the competitors or simply to add a stop-sale for a specific date or period and guarantee that the information provided online to your customers are always accurate and up-to-date.

Professional multilingual translations

Moreover, you will be able to provide all content and information in the language of your choice (e.g. Italian) and they will be translated professionally in the main RunBooking staff languages.