RunBooking Engine

RunBooking Engine is an online and offline booking software (booking engine) very simple to use for both those who sell and those who buy tourism products and is at the same time highly technological, reliable and fast.

With RunBooking Engine you will be able to boost your bookings directly from your website, supply your products through different portals and tourism websites, sell over the phone or email and carry out an effective marketing strategy with the option of easily change descriptions and rates, and also create new offers/packages, discount offers and last-minute promotions.

A unique platform

Even loading new images is a matter of few seconds with the exclusive feature drag-and-drop which guarantees a better service for customers that will access to thorough and complete information and for operators that will experience an increase in bookings and profit.

With a unique web platform you will be able to manage your sales through your official website, portals, cell phones, smartphones and social networks.

Immediate and fast operations

RunBooking Engine allows immediate modifications of rates, images and descriptions of all available products. Also, it allows you to insert descriptions in all main languages. Your clients will be able to buy extra services like excursions, event tickets, transportation or any other product or service as determined by your marketing policy. You will be able to manage all the information independently or you may receive support from the RunBooking staff both during the initial data entry and in the following managing of the rates and stop-sales phases.

Easy to install and configure

The transformation of the website visitors into customers begins with the installation of RunBooking Engine on your website. By adding only one extra line of code to your website, RunBooking Engine is immediately operative and able to generate its first bookings. The installation is very easy but if needed our technicians will be ready to provide support and assistance. The booking page may be customized according to your needs in order to create a uniform look-and-feel and offer a unique experience to the customer. For a more complete customization RunBooking Engine features are also available through XML Web Services.

Next generation cloud based technology

RunBooking Engine is one of the fastest, most powerful and complete booking engine available on the market. It has been built with the most recent web 2.0 technology on a next generation cloud based platform for a robust and reliable online booking technology.

Multimedia content, photographs and videos are geographically distributed all over the world through the Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN) to be always available to your clients.

Safe and easy payments

Payment occurs in a secure way with the main credit cards. RunBooking Engine also allows you to manage on request bookings, i.e. to avoid overbooking or for very complex products, through a sophisticated offer system permitting to submit your quotes by email and follow the booking process until the purchase is completed with credit card or bank transfer.

Advanced reporting

RunBooking Engine has advanced reporting features providing essential information to accurately control your online activity with confirmation of your bookings by email and/or text messages (SMS).

Through diagrams and charts you will be able to picture all the information and analyze your results easily and accurately.