Channel management

Revising the information on a very high number of channels and extranets requires time and energy; it is easy to make mistakes and, for instance, to fail in udpating tariffs and availability in all channels.

RunBooking Channel Management is an extranet management service that will allow you to save time managing with great ease availability, inventory and tariffs on different extranets.

Management of all extranets

You keep your direct contact with each portal or distributor, but RunBooking consolidates the updates.

No need to access dozens of separate extranets, all websites draw from a single main inventory managed by RunBooking.

Saving time

RunBooking Channel Management service will save you a lot of time. You will not have to connect to the extranet of each single distributor or portal to adjust rates and availability (i.e., Expedia,, Venere, etc). You will be able to update all channels at once by simply inserting your data on RunBooking Engine or transmitting it by email or fax to your RunBooking account.

Such sophisticated updating system will allow you to quickly change your tariffs and develop new marketing strategies.