Restaurants, wine and food

RunBooking offers to restaurant owners and food and wine operators in general an ideal system to reach online customers with a direct and effective marketing action.

With the aid of a complete database, RunBooking provides online information on restaurants, that is address, type of cooking, possible ways of reservation and any other information on dishes and specialties. This information is then displayed on dozens of websites belonging to the RunBooking Network, on the partner websites and on all websites that may have an interest in providing details on specific places (i.e. tourist office websites or hotels wishing to give out information on their area).

Maps, search engines and web services

Through online maps and its search engine, RunBooking provides restaurant addresses and their location allowing visitors to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

With the use of RunBooking web services, online distributors and food and wine websites owners can create mobile applications to be used on smartphones and tablets in order to keep in touch with their clients.