Hotels, B&B, residences and villas

RunBooking is the integrated solution for hotels, B&B, residences, agritourisms and villas allowing final customers and tourist demand to meet service supply so that sales will increase and will be completed at the highest price possible according to market conditions.

Tour operators can use RunBooking to sell directly from their own website, from different websites and online portals, from the RunBooking Network or even from associations, groups of companies, chains they belong to.

With RunBooking there is a great flexibility allowing to add available rooms in a simple and immediate way, to easily change rates and enrich the offer with more products to improve its competitiveness.

An advanced platform at affordable costs

RunBooking provides access to an extremely advanced technological platform with the support of a skilled team of experts always available and ready to face all challenges presented by the market development and by competitors.

The selection of services that RunBooking has prepared to satisfy the hospitality world needs is very large, in order to allow the facilities to have support in every important area of their activity.

In most cases a pay-per-use model or one with commissions are used to allow smaller facilities to access the platform and RunBooking services at lower costs and, ultimately, only paying for the obtained results.